Call for Papers---Download CFP Flyer

Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Call for Papers/征稿启事
    Mobile commerce
    Mobile business
    Business models
    Mobile services
    Location-based services
    Mobile applications
    Mobile marketing
    Mobile CRM
    Mobile payment
    Mobile banking
    Mobile ticketing
    Mobile government
    Mobile content management
    Mobile health services
    Mobile entertainment
    Mobile security
    Opportunities and risks of mobile technologies
    Success factors of mobile technologies and applications
    Mobile enterprise
    Mobile computing technologies
    Operating systems for mobile devices
    Communication protocols and technologies standards
    Infrastructure and interoperability issues
    Mobile and Pervasive Commerce
    Business-to-Business E-Commerce
    Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce
    Enterprise application integration

    Business process re-engineering
    Virtual enterprises and virtual markets
    Supply, demand, and value chains
    Virtual organizations and coalitions
    Customer relationship management
    e-Collaboration and e-Services
    Inter-organizational systems

    Future work environments for e-Business
    Business Process Integration
    Agent-mediated e-commerce systems
    Agent-based artificial markets
    Trading, negotiation, auction and mechanism design
    Collective decision making and coordination for e-Business
    Trust and reputation in online agent systems
    Personal agents and recommender systems
    Agent based web mining, text mining and information retrieval
    Agent or actor oriented analysis in social networks
    Innovative Business Models
    Design Theory for Wellness Using IT
    Internet-of-Things for Security and Safety
    Artificial Intelligence for e-Commerce and Wellness
    Big Data and Machine Learning in e-Commerce
    Food Business in e-Commerce
    Entertainment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    Smart Connected Products and Services
    Smart and Wearable Technologies
    Cloud Services and Service Innovation
    Smart Factory and Manufacturing
    Mobile and Social Commerce
    Social Media and Social Networking
    Emerging Financial Technology (Fintech)
    Smart Health & Hospitals
    Smart Tourism and Smart Logistics
    Organic Media for Connected World
    Human Computer Interactions
    Bright Internet and Cybersecurity
    Education in Cyberspace
    Online-to-offline Services in e-Commerce