Conference Venue

Feng Chia University
No. 100, Wenhwa Rd., Seatwen, Taichung, Taiwan 40724.

In 1961, the Feng Chia College of Engineering and Business was established on Guanyin Mountain in Beitun District of Taichung City. Two years later it was moved to its present location in Xitun District. University status was granted in 1980 and the name changed to Feng Chia University (FCU). For over 50 years, FCU has steadily increased in size and scope.

Currently, it is comprised of ten degree-granting schools and colleges: School of Management Development, School of Architecture, International School of Technology and Management and the colleges of Engineering, Sciences, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Finance, Information and Electrical Engineering, and Construction and Development. There are 33 academic departments, excluding undeclared honors programs. In total, Feng Chia University offers 57 degree programs of Bachelor, 76 degree programs of Master, and 14 doctoral degree programs. Over 20,000 students are currently enrolled in various degree programs. There are 2,200 faculty and administrative staff. There are also over 180,000 alumni all over the world.

The long-term vision for FCU is to establish itself as a prestigious Asia Pacific university characterized by continuous excellence in education and breakthrough research. FCU, furthermore, strives to cultivate the next generation of leaders by maintaining a broad world-view and equipping students with professional knowledge and skills, and an appreciation for the arts and humanities. Moreover, in the design of its new Shuinan campus, sustainability concepts will be incorporated to complement the development of the Taichung Gateway District and College Town. The goal is to become a campus with low carbon emissions, thereby fulfilling FCU’s environmental and conservation responsibilities.


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